The Top Ten Nigerian female celebrities who Were Divorced Their Husbands in Real Life

The Top Ten Nigerian female celebrities who Were Divorced Their Husbands in Real Life

In this article, I’ll be sharing the most popular 10 Nigerian female stars that divorced their spouses on the real world. Marriage is beautiful and when you are able to find genuine love, it’s the purest kind of happiness. Many among our Nigerian female stars in looking for true love endure all their lives together, have been married to fake men who made their lives miserable and they had no other alternative other than to divorce them and start a new life. Thus after careful study and study, I will offer those who read this article the best 10 Nigerian female stars who divorced the husband they married in reality.

1. Chika Ike

In the wake of Chika Ike announced that her divorce was over and she was greeted with a lot of criticism on social media about her marriage failure from various people who believed that she wasn’t loyal to her husband, or that she was married to get money. Many criticize her because she wasn’t a loyal wife , while some speculated that she was married to earn money, however Chika Ike denied all claims. As per the Nollywood star her ex-husband, known by the name Mr. Eberibi physically assaulted her for years before she finally made the decision to call it quits and an end. She also revealed that one of her battles led to an unplanned pregnancy, which led to her to lose her baby because of the numerous battles. Because of this, she separated from him and accused him of being fake husband. After she divorced her husband, Chika Ike is currently in a relationship and has decided not to marry, which suggests that she is scared of getting married and wants to appear as an accomplished woman.

2. Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh has also recently came out and admitted that she was victimized by her husband of a while, Oladunni Churchill who physically beat her numerous times during their relationship. in an interview on Media Room Hub, Tonto Dikeh, who was crying, revealed that her husband would always beat her to death and described her as the fake husband. She said that Oladunni Churchill will always call an ordained pastor in after beating her and asking for prayer for her. She also claimed claims that he’s self-confident and has did not admit to his mistakes. A controversial Nollywood model and mother to one child, Tonto Dikeh, whose marriage fell apart only a few years ago was also revealing during an interview, that her divorced husband, Oladunni churchill, used to belittled her in a variety of ways during their marriage. Due to the incident she decided to divorce her husband and began a new chapter in her life. For her, it was a blessing that she was granted custody of her son, whom she loved greatly.

3. Mercy Aigbe

Nollywood well-known actor Mercy Aigbe opened up and confessed to being mistreated by her husband who was not her. As per reports, the renowned Yoruba actress has endured the abuse from her husband for a long period in their marriage, but she couldn’t endure any more when the situation became worse, and she had the decision to break up with her husband for good once and forever. There was also a report that the couple had been engaged in a violent fight which left the gorgeous actress in a state of unconsciousness. The marriage of this Nollywood screen actress has been subject to lots of scrutiny due to reports of abuse from her ex-husband, Lanry Gentry. Mercy Aigbe couldn’t endure the brutal treatment from her husband, and decided to end the marriage. She described him as a fake husband , and hopes to find a suitable husband in the near future.

4. Tiwa Savage

When Tiwa Savage spoke out and confessed that she had been victimized by her former husband, Tunji Balogun, also known by the name of Tee Billz, people were stunned. The pop star came out to reveal that her marriage wasn’t an idyllic love story in the end. Two years ago, just two months after her wedding to Tunji Balogun, who is popularly referred to by the name of Tee Billz Tiwa Savage came out to admit that Tunji Balogun had beaten her prior to and during the wedding and described the former husband as fake. In the wake of this revelation, Tiwa Savage divorced her husband Tunji Balogun who is popularly known in the media as Tee Billz and fell in love with the star of the moment Wizkid. Tiwa Savage as well as Wizkid were in a romance that got people talking about the massive age difference, however, the difference between Tiwa Savage as well as Wizkid age is simply a number.

5. Monalisa Chinda

In 2014, Nollywood well-known actor Monalisa Chinda opened up and admitted to being abused by her former husband, Dejo Richards in her previous marriage to him. This led to the demise of her initial marriage. Then Monalisa Chinda recently got married to her husband Tonye Victor. Monalisa Chinda revealed that her first marriage with Question Mark label boss, Dejo Richards was ruined by allegations of abuse and lack of affection. The fact was revealed when she announced her appearance in the Pearls Foundation’s 3rd annual gathering held in Abuja the capital of Nigeria. Monalisa Chinda admitted that she was wed to a false man and this resulted in the collapse of her first marriage . It also resulted in Monalisa Chinda recent marriage to Tonye Victor.

6. Muma Gee

Six years after their marriage ended, Muma Gee and Prince Eke have finally decided to call their marriage off. The pop star said she had resolved to end her long-running suffering and pain by declaring divorce from Nollywood actor Prince Eke. According to her the singer, Prince Eke was known to beat her during their time together when she was married. She also claimed that he beat her during their marriage. Nigerian musician Muma Gee filled for the divorce of her husband Prince Eke who is a actor in Nollywood on the basis that he would always abuse and assaults her. Muma Gee during an interview said that she got engaged to an unfaithful man who enjoys beating her. She said that she would prefer not to be married to this kind of husband in the future and hopes she will meet the one who loves her and lavish her in the near future.

7. Georgina Onuoha

Nollywood well-known actress Georgina Onuoha has confessed that she was in a abusive marriage and was abused by her former husband, Dr. C Igwegbe. She is a veteran Nollywood actress republished an account of a woman who confessed to being in a relationship with a guy who was a bully, a snitch and a tyrant her. She wrote “I can picture her mental state and the pain she endured. Because I would have made this exact prayer six years ago with such a sense of hatred in my heart. And I imagine many other people who are also praying the similar prayers. However, grace, mercy and forgiveness outweigh the hurt of evil. I was able to trust God’s mercy and strength. It is often difficult to imagine what men are putting their wives under.” Georgina Onuoha who has quit Nollywood in the past few years after her wedding with doctor. C Igwegbe, a medical doctor based within the United States of America. The couple divorced following being subject to abuse at the home of her ex-husband. Now, she is a single mom and raising her two daughters on her own.


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