Man gets Disappointed as he proposes to girlfriend who works at strip club [Video]

Man gets Disappointed as he proposes to girlfriend

A man changed up the turn of events when his girlfriend who is a stripper turned down his proposal at her place of work.

He visited the strip club where she works and while she was centre stage he approached her to propose marriage.

man proposes to girlfriend

The entire club erupted in excitement when he brought out a ring and went down on one knee, meanwhile, his babe was momentarily rendered speechless.

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However, what shocked many guests and workers was that she said no to him and there seemed to be an argument before he walked off.

As he was leaving, another stripper showed interest and stretched out her hand for him to put the engagement ring and he obliged.

The young man then lifted the other girl up in excitement and the joined in celebrating the dramatic twist.

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Watch the video below:

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