‘Touching & kissing a white man is my greatest achievement’ – 18-Year-Old girl, brags

Touching & kissing a white man is my greatest achievement

A Lady has got herself trending on social media after she stated her greatest achievement at the age of 18. And the achievement is so lame.

The young girl bragged about how she kissed and touched a white man at the age of 18, while other girls are still struggling with broke black stingy guys. I don’t know about you guys but some people are just too dump to say such a word.

How can your greatest achievement be kissing and touching a white man.

Sharing a photos with her white lover, she wrote;

“I’m kissing and touching a white man at 18…u are still struggling with black girls/guys..please be wise..time wait for nobody, stingy broke guys…fools”

but yet she is still Happy

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