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NCT DREAM Glitch Mode Zip Download

Download album NCT DREAM Glitch Mode zip, NCT DREAM has dropped a brand new music album titled NCT DREAM Glitch Mode zip album download and you can download full album NCT DREAM Glitch Mode Zip Download right below.

After setting a milestone of becoming a triple million seller and swept the multiple charts with its first full-length album “Hot Sauce.” NCT DREAM’s second full-length album “Glitch Mode” comprise of 11 songs including the title track “버퍼링 (Glitch Mode)”, are enough to meet NCT DREAM’s unique musical colors.

The title track “버퍼링 (Glitch Mode)” is a hip-hop dance track with unique lyrics creating such strong addictive feeling. The lyrics tactfully expresses how someone stare at the person they like until they freezes as if buffering happens resulting into glitch mode. Just like the meaning of the song, it gives you endless addictions with it’s glitchy hooks and unique chants.

The intro track “Fire Alarm” have intense and energetic beat to kick off the album. A suspenseful B-side track from “Arcade.” A sweet love track “너를 위한 단어 (It’s Yours)” and a mature mood B-side track “Replay” presenting a love and parting sensitivity. Raising anticipation with a happy festive mood B-side track “Better Than Gold (지금)” and a 90’s hip-hop style B-side track “Saturday Drip” shows a variety of music colors. A preview of healing songs for “북극성 (Never Goodbye)” and “잘 자 (Teddy Bear)” recharge your emotions with warm lyrics and sweet vocals. “미니카 (Drive)” that gives you a warm comfort and lastly “Rewind” that wraps up the album strikingly with sincerity that 7 DREAM conveys their past.

NCT DREAM Glitch Mode Album Tracklist

  1. Fire Alarm
  2. 버퍼링 (Glitch Mode)
  3. Arcade
  4. 너를 위한 단어 (It’s Yours)
  5. 잘 자 (Teddy Bear)
  6. 내일 봐 (Replay)
  7. Saturday Drip
  8. 지금 (Better Than Gold)
  9. 미니카 (Drive)
  10. 북극성 (Never Goodbye)
  11. Rewind

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